To Safely & Securily send in your Magnetek unit for service please use the "Pack & Ship Guarantee" for UPS® or USPS®.
Find Your Local UPS Store®
Please include your contact information and a brief description of the problem with the Magnetek unit.
Please include the $250 minimum estimate/repair/recycle charge with unit.
Units that arrive improperly packaged or missing contact informaton will be returned at customers expense.

Shipping Address less than 75lbs
Industrial Electronic Recycling
2806 Reynolda Rd Ste 163
Winston Salem, NC, 27106
Call 1 (336) 770-8360

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Recent Magnetek Units.

Magnetek+PCI-3-4BCDD-S1107+power+supply  Magnetek+PCI-3-4BCDD-S1107+power+supply  Magnetek+PCI-3-4BCDD--P1-S1143+power+supply  MagneTek+S30122K+5083X+301-5+045765+drive  MagneTek+S30122K+5083X+301-5+044623+drive  MagneTek+GPD515C-B096+drive  MagneTek+GPD515C-B096+drive  MagneTek+3577-16-100+board  MagneTek+3577-16-100+Power+Supply+Board  Magnetek+35771610000+Circuit+Board  MagneTek+GPD+505V-A017+Servo+Drive  Magnetek+3C94-99-1+Power+Supply  Magnetek+3C94-99-1+Power+Supply  Magnetek+20296+Servo+Motor  Magnetek+22020902+4020D-155+Servo+Motor  
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Frequently asked qaestions


How much does it cost?

$250 minimum estimate/repair/recycle charge on most units. Heavy freight units repair/recycle charge usually runs 10x shipping cost. Payments required upon arrival of units to IER.


Warranty on repairs?

30-365 days depending on complexity of repairs & nature of unit.


How to Ship Unit?

The Pack & Ship Guarantee includes coverage for UPS® and USPS®. Find Your Local Store

Industrial Electronic Recycling

2806 Reynolda Rd Ste 163 Winston Salem, NC, 27106

1 336 770-8360
2806 Reynolda Rd Ste 163 Winston Salem, NC, 27106
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